Our Goals

Every interaction with SORAI helps support the protection of endangered wildlife.

Sorai ultimate goals

Our ultimate goals are to significantly increase in the survival rate of keystone species in the wild and generate sustainable long-term funding for animal impact projects globally.

In addition, growing our global community is paramount in helping to achieve these conservation wins. By joining us, you advocate against illegal wildlife trade and raise the much-needed awareness.

SORAI will achieve
our goals through partners supporting our four action areas:


We support the people that have the boldest visions for helping create a brighter future for endangered animals in Africa and India


We seek out and fund the bravest projects that contribute directly to the wellbeing of the keystone species

Emerging Tech

We discover the innovation that will positively disrupt the world of conservation through technology in the wild

Global Awareness

We unite people from all over the world to form a global SORAI tribe that is prepared to take action and help spread the word

100% of SORAI partnerships and
20% of SORAI profits will be used to directly support animal conservation programs.

As part of their commitment, each SORAI Partner provides both financial and non-financial support (putting their products, people and marketing to work in support of the SORAI mission).